Clean Slate

On the advice of a person wiser than I, I have decided to delete all my former posts on the blog.  I thought it was therapeutic.  I thought it was exorcising my demons.  Instead, it was giving them a handy-dandy playground to wreak havoc.  From this point forward, no more airing dirty laundry.  Sorry.  I need to work harder at being a better person.  But that’s a battle that needs to be fought off screen.  So thank you to all the people who supported me when I was ranting and raving and generally going all Ophelia all over everything.  And to the people that I inadvertently offended, I am sorry.  If you want an apology, please reach out to me privately like a few others have, so I can make amends. I’m just a little man, a scribbler, trying to make his way in the world today.   So no more drama.  Mostly horror.  And some black comedy.  And a lot of dick and fart jokes.  I’ve got work to do.  And that process I will be more than happy to share.


They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara

BOOGEYMEN is here!

At long last, you can enjoy my splatterpunk novelette, Boogeymen!  A royal rumble to death between horror’s greatest villains. Freddy vs. Jason?  Bitch, please. Freddy vs. EVERYBODY.  Your favorite ghouls, ghastlies and slashers clash in an all-out battle royale chock full of non-stop pop culture riffing and gore galore.  It will tickle your funny bone.  Then rip it out of your arm and beat you death with it.

Available right now on Amazon and Lulu for the delicious price of $1.  Soon to be on NOOK and iBookstore.