You Can’t Keep A Good Dork Down

I meant to publish Twenty-Sided Die in January.  But I guess I just published it.  It will take some time to make it to the NOOK Stores and iBookstore.  Amazon actually put it up immediately. has the digital version in EPUB and the paperback version of the book.  I’m still working on ensuring that a digital copy comes with the paperback.  So in the interim, please let me know if you purchased a paperback through Lulu, and I will send you a digital copy in your preferred format.

If you go to purchase through Amazon, make sure to use this link:

Here’s why.  About six years ago — Jesus, was it that long? — I started a reading contest called the Cannonball Read.  I fought a girl with cancer.  No, I didn’t fight cancer.  I fought against a friend of mine and legend of Pajiba to see who could reach 100 books in a year.  I eventually won, but only because leukemia fucking cheated and killed my friend.  Which is pretty bullshit and made the whole goddamn affair pretty bittersweet.  Since then, The Cannonball Read has grown and shrunk.  Now, contestants must review 52 books in a year, or the quarter Cannonball or John Kruk Cannonball (half a ball).  You read a book, you post a review online, you do that 52 times you win.  It’s currently in its sixth year.  And they even have a website:

So if you click on that link up yonder, it will take you to a Ryan Gosling poster.  And then you browse from there for the books you are looking to shop for.  And then a portion of the proceeds (and honestly, it really is a meager portion) goes towards the fight for cancer.  So yeah, it’s a bit of a loop.  But honestly, if you’re gonna give me money, jump through that extra hoop and give money to a good cause.

And more importantly, READ AND LOVE MY BOOK.  As always, I beg and plead of you.  Go to Goodreads: and click Want To Read.  Write reviews on Amazon and your own personal blogs and on Goodreads and on NOOK and every damn site.  Pepper this bitch everywhere.  The more you share, the more I sell, the more I have time to write.  And that’s good for everyone.

Thank you so much.  This book is as much yours as it is mine.  And all the stories and reminiscing and shared remembrances has lead to a second full collection called Other Worlds Than These which is forthcoming in March of 2015.  So now we have something extra to root for.  In the meanwhile, BUY MY BOOK. BUY MY BOOK.  BUY MY BOOK BY ME.


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