Fifty Films In Fifty Days

The concept originally came from Jon Curtis at New Jonny Transit.  Fifty of your favorite films over the course of fifty days.  The only caveat was that you could only put one single film by any director.  Well, I can assure you, this list would be very different if that was the case.  With that little machination, it really shook up the list.  Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, Kevin Smith, McTiernan, hell, I never realized Jonathan Lynn directed My Cousin Vinny until I looked it up and realized goodbye my friend goodbye.

I’ve always used the comparison that The Godfather and Ghostbusters are two excellent films for completely different reasons.  So it’s hard to gauge them on the same scale.  I based this list entirely on my own personal caveat as to what makes a good film.  How often will I watch it.  These are mostly feel-good films.  Silly ass action flicks, or comedies.  Things that I will put on and just bathe in their familiarity and comfort and whatnot.  So many films narrowly missed the cut.  There were directors I were surprised weren’t on the list.  I could probably run another 20 easily.

But anyway, I will be posting over the next fifty days or so my top fifty films.  Hopefully this will inspire you to take a whack at it.  Or even to argue furiously in the comments.  Have at it.


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