#50: “I asked you to give me a refreshing drink. I wasn’t expecting a fucking rainforest! You could fall in love with an orangutan in that!”


#50: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels — dir. Guy Ritchie

This was when I first met two actors that I grew to just simply adore:  Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones.  The entire cast is pretty damn spectacular.  And this was one of those massive actiony clusterfucks that just make you hate the fuck out of the rest of Guy Ritchie’s later work.  This is the apex of a promising career that just careened down into chaos.  Snatch is what it is, but I still think it’s a glamrock more-money more-Hollywood lesser version of what made Lock, Stock so great.  Snatch is to Mallrats what Lock, Stock is to Clerks.  Only Ritchie never went on to make his own Chasing Amy.  He just started porking the succubus that wears Madonna’s face.

It’s got an astonishing blend of action and smart-ass dialogue.  And those are my turn ons.  I love a film where bullets and blades are whizzing by coupled with just as frenetic dialogue.  It’s also got that sort of cultural “Fuck You If You Don’t Understand Me” attitude — it’s what I love about Junot Diaz’s writing.  Where if you don’t get the slang and the pitch, tough fucking tits, your loss.

In The Loop reminded me of Lock, Stock.  Okay, hold off, pitchforks.  Let me clarify.  When I watched In the Loop, it was without having ever seen “The Thick of It” or without understanding half of the colloquialisms.  In my review,  I said, ‘”I don’t understand 1/5 of what’s going on, but I still know it’s funny.”  And that’s what Lock, Stock was.  I know jokes are just whizzing over my head, and at times characters are speaking in a completely different language.  But it was still making me laugh.  And then they were fucking each other up with great Kubrickian violence.

Still gives me the warm jubblies.  Even I have not the fuckest what those actually are.


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