#45: “Only pain and suffering will make you realize who you are.”



#45: Audition (Odishon) — dir. Takashi Miike

Miike had to make the list.  He was my foray into Asian horror, a terribly limiting term that encompasses Thai, Korean and Japanese horror. (I don’t think I’ve seen any Chinese horror, but maybe.)  And of course it would be Audition, a film that to this day, I can make Sarah Diamond squirm and gag by simply going “Di-di-di-di-di!”

Like Oldboy and other Asian horrors, it’s about the every day macabre.  The monsters are people, monsters who hurt each other not in grand guignol splatterfests, but with simple, simple, horrifying torture.  There are two things that stand out for me from this movie, that have been permanently etched in my psyche and that make me shake and twitch even recalling them.  The wire.  And the bag.  For those who have seen the film, yeeeeeaaaaaahhh.  For those who haven’t.  Well.  Good luck.  Bring a barf bag.



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