#43: “Oh, but it looks good on YOU.”


#43: Caddyshack — dir. Harold Ramis

Do I need to explain this one?  I don’t need to explain this, right?  It’s kind of like Jimmy Buffett music.  I’m always going to like it because of college.  Same as I will always love Uncle Buck and cigars.  It’s just going to happen because of my days at Washington and Lee.  My father’s a golfer, and neither of his sons inherited his skill or desire.  We were known as Splash and Divot.  Todd chunked drives with great fury.  If you put a cup of water anywhere on the course, I would hook my ball directly into it.

But this movie.  So endlessly quotable.  Ted Knight’s amazing.  Rodney Dangerfield basically playing his comic persona set to 15 and it’s hilarious.  I suspect that Witness was the first time I saw boobs on film, but I think Caddyshack (or maybe Police Academy) were my first parent sanctioned boobs.  Intentional or otherwise.  But honestly, I forgot about the nudity.  I just remember driving the flowers with the rake, and the pool poop.

I find myself quoting this movie when I perform outdoor activities more than any other.  It’s in the hole, or I don’t think the heavy stuff’s coming down for quite some time, or NOONAN.  It’s a more potent psyche out than STEVE PERRY anyday.



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