Taking In My Slacks

The ten Side Quests are now in the hands of my beta readers, who have been instructed to go knives out, brickbat, hardcore on them.  No retreat, no surrender.  It’s easy to bravely say this out loud.  It’s hard to accept criticism.  Instinctively, you want to throw your hands over your stories and scream, “No, my babies, MY BABIES!  YOU HACKS! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!  RAOAOAOGHGHGH!”  And breath fire and generally be a tool.

Not productive.  In any way shape or form.  Not conducive to getting shit done.

These awesome, incredible folks are taking the time out of their days to hammer and tongs my stories.  To tell me, dude, this is shit right here.  And so they can be the best goddamn stories they are.  Sure, it’s annoying to think, there is major body repair necessary.  Or total retooling.  But there might not be.  Shit might be clicking.  Probably not.  I’m almost positive of it.  And it’s doubly hard, because the stories in Side Quests are even more personal than the ones from Twenty-Sided Die, because a lot of these stories were resurrected from the gravedirt of my brain by your effusive reminiscing during the Kickstarter.  And my heart’s like, “YOU CAN’T CHANGE THAT!  IT’S WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!”  But I already changed that.  I already changed it by starring my little band o’ misfits in the tale.  It’s effectively different, and better.  I also changed the 7-Eleven on Richlandtown Pike to a Wawa.  And learned how to spell those two establishments.  All for the better.

So those should be done and in your hands by July.  Which makes me feel better.  Only missed my delivery window by four months!  And that’ll give me ample time to tone up the next ten-ish-maybe?  By March of next year for the release of Other Worlds Than These.  And this October, I hope, will see the release of Boogeymen II: Electric Boogieloo. Because how can I name it anything else or semi-credible?  Another delightful splatterpunk novelette.  Though the last one was considered less gory than most expected.  Fair enough.  I can do worse.

So writing on the horizon.  LOTS of writing on the horizon.  I’ll feel better once the obligations I’ve set for myself are off the tables.  i still have another project coming due in July that I cannot talk about but is excellent.  So stay tuned.  And enjoy the 50 Films in 50 Days series as it progresses.



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