#35: “Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.”


#35: Heathers — dir. Michael Lehmann

I love this black comedy as much as I love my dead gay son.  I can’t possibly overplay the amount of influence this film has had on my own writing.  I love black comedy, where you take a mirror and laugh at the ugliest parts of society.  Holy Christ, does this film have it in spades.  And when you rewatch it, you remember how eminently quotable it is.

Since society’s gotta more horrific — with school shootings and Slenderman stabbings — you won’t get to see something this dark and cruel anymore.  Mean Girls was Heathers sans the homicide.  And that’s a shame.  There’s a commentary to be made about how wretched and deplorable our culture has become.  This movie would be found footage nowadays — shot entirely in selfies and Vines featuring bitchy bullies cyber crushing hearts.



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