#33: “Well, ‘ere, lads, you’ve discovered a species hitherto unknown to science, quite possibly non-terrestrial in origin, and you kicked its fuckin’ head in!”



#33: Attack the Block — dir. Joe Cornish

I remember watching this at SXSW and just being blown the hell away.  The stylistic mannerisms of the character’s speech, the humor mixed effortlessly with the horror, and of course, the fucking character design.  Those fucking alien wolf gorilla looking motherfuckers.  They really are phenomenal on the big screen.

Joe Cornish is getting there.  I mean, he also happened to pen a film I thought I would fucking loathe, and turned out to be one of my favorite Spielberg films in a while: The Adventures of Tintin.  I watched the entire four minute fleeing sequence, and I literally screamed out, “WHY CAN’T YOU INDIANA JONES 4 THAT SPIELBERG!!!11!”  It filled me with a complex nougat of rage and bliss.  Like candy coated fury.

And if you want to know why everyone is clapping about John Boyega being in the next Star Wars, watch this film.  In fact, just watch this goddamn film.  It’s one of the best damn alien films to come out in this decade, if not this century (so far).  It’s such a simple premise and yet devastatingly well put together.  And it’s a hell of a romp.


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