#22: “We gotta get jobs. Then we get the khakis. Then we get the chicks.”


#22: BASEketball — dir. David Zucker

Here’s why I love BASEketball so much.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone, just as South Park was getting huge, decided to come and take over the David Zucker film.  I know what the version would have looked like before their influence.  It would have been Kung Pao: Enter the Fist.  You can still see shadows of that in the film.

And then Parker and Stone wiped their dicks on it.  They made it R-rated.  They made it crude.  They made it about lazy slackers.  They disrespected the film.  Air Bud if he just stopped and shit in the middle of a play.  Or mauled a child.  Or humped everyone.  It’s them saying, “Fuck you, sports film parody.  We will wipe our dicks on you.”  And I love that.

It makes me laugh.  It’s crude as hell.  It’s totally immature and stupid.  It’s got all the regulars of a South Park film without being a South Park film.  It’s even higher up on the list than the actual films they’ve directed.  This film kind of marked the death of the parody film — the Naked Gun style that Zucker created.  The Wayans Brothers almost resurrected it with Scary Movie, but then they just oversaturated the fuck out of themselves and killed their own golden goose.  But Parker and Stone curbstomped it with disrespect when they signed on to do this film.  They drove it into the ground.  And so with all the Steve Perry psych-outs and easy jokes, they pretty much coasted to a paycheck, all while all but murdering a genre I loathe.

And that’s why it’s #22.


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