#19: “So I suppose it’s a little late for an apology, huh?”

kill bill

#19: Kill Bill — dir. Quentin Tarantino

Sacrilege! Blasphemy!  How could you not have chosen ___________?

Listen up, you motherfuckers. I’m gonna say this English so you know I’m serious.

Tarantino is the Richie Rich of filmmakers.  He’s an enfant terrible, who simply can do whatever the fuck he wants because he’s a visionary and blah blah.  Reservoir Dogs kept him honest.  That was Tarantino with no budget.  Doing a heist film where there is actually no heist.  Pulp Fiction was a glimpse at what could be.  But Kill Bill was him just getting started on his road to gratuitous overindulgence.

I could sit through all four or whatever hours of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair.  To me, these are individual revenge films cobbled together in a grand guignol of bloodsport.  It’s a whiteboy interpretation of an Asian art, like those dudes who have swords hanging on their wall, and gently mansplain that it’s not a katana it’s a wakisashi, but that’s alright, wanna see my throwing stars?  After Bill, he started sticking to a single genre and then just letting his swollen art loose.  Django was four different films, and had more endings than Lord of the Rings.

This sounds more like I’m trashing Tarantino.  And I’m not.  He always makes an amazing 97 minute film and buries it a three hour opus.  He’s got sharp dialogue like Kevin Smith — sharper if I’m being honest — and astonishing violent action sequences.  He can mesh hilarious, grotesque, and balletic in the same vein.  It’s awesome.

And for me, Kill Bill is that stylistic nailed it.  The fight with Vernita is awesome on a different level than the fight with O-Ren.  And Go Go Yubari.  And the entire Crazy 88 sequence.  Geysers of blood is what I want in my action films.  Ridiculous hissing prosthetic limbs flying away on hoses of karo.  I’m a happy puppy.  But Kill Bill is a revenge piece done well, aping the style of a Kurosawa without the dramatic pondering.  It’s Kurosawa on 5 Hour Energy Drink.  And for that it’s my favorite.


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