CBR #3 – Pagliacci Weeping the Tears of the Chosen One

Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Get ready, because I’m making my way through all of the Sword of Truth.  All fourteen or so novels.

This intrigues me, because I do not know which inspired what.  This series just feels like the Wheel of Time done over in a different way.  And I can’t believe the audacity.  Here’s my imitation of the books:

I’m just a poor boy.  No I’m the CHOSEN ONE!  And then everyone cried.
And Kahlan and Richard realized they loved each other with all of the powers of love.  But they could never be together.  So they cried.
And then there was no way the bad guy could ever win unless they did that one thing.  They did that one thing.  And then they loved each other.  And they cried.
And then the world was going to end.  There was no way to stop it.  Ever.  There’s no chance.  None in the world.  Unless you do that one thing.
BUT WE CAN’T DO THAT ONE THING!  We must love each other.  That’s all.  Love. Love.  Cry. Cry. Cry.
And then they do that one thing.
And then they are in love.  And then they cry some more.

That’s pretty much how they all seem to run.  Only with varying degrees of rape and creeeeeepy BDSM/borderline MRA stuff.  In fact, the prevaling theme of these books seems to be getting more in the MRA categories.  Women are evil, magic is evil, people who have more power than me are evil, and then everyone has a good cry.

Magic is super fucking weird in the series.  There doesn’t seem to much rhyme or reason to it.  Also, I don’t know when the Rada’HAN stuff — where magicians can be leashed and tortured — came about.  Because that’s a huge part of the Wheel of Time stuff.  So again, i don’t know if it was just two brilliant minds finding stuff out at the same time, or if stuff was getting borrowed from.  Granted, and this was my complaint about most fantasy, it’s always, THE CHOSEN ONE!  BUT LOVE!  BUT CHOSEN ONE KEEPS CHOOSING.  And in here, there’s a lot of crying.  I mean, a lot.  I mean, A LOT.

Anyway, I’m gonna gun through them all.  If only to just see where they go.  And also, because I love knowing thy history. I’m curious if other folks have read these and what their thoughts are.


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