Another Brick In The Wall

Years ago, the sea went wild, and flooded your village.  It killed thousands, hundreds of thousands.  Then scientists got together and engineers, and they created a sea wall.  A huge wall of small bricks, placed by all the villagers.  And it kept the sea back.  The sea no longer killed the village.  There was always the danger that the sea might still break through the wall.  But instead, the villagers each placed bricks.  Every man, woman and child placed bricks.  Some were too feeble.  Some couldn’t carry the bricks.  But enough people did it and it kept the sea at bay.  For hundreds of years.

The sea hasn’t killed anyone in years.  No one has died from the sea.  Other villages, and other towns, they don’t have a wall.  So lots of people die from the sea.  Millions.  But not our village.  Nope.  However, because of the wall, the wall, here and there a brick will fall out.  And those bricks hurt or kill people.  And now, there’s a group of people — who know someone who was hurt by the bricks, or who had family members killed by the bricks, who say, “That wall!  That wall is dangerous!  108 people died from that wall in the last 15 years!   And do you know how many people died from the sea?  None.  Zero. Look it up in your statistics!  This is true!  This is fact!”

And the scientists say, “But, but, the wall is what keeps the sea from killing us all.  If we took down the wall, it’d kill a bunch of people.”  And the wall-haters, they say, “Water?  Water’s supposed to kill us?  That’s so stupid!  Water isn’t dangerous!  Don’t you idiots understand how science works?  You’re so stupid.  When was the last time water killed us?  The sea?  The sea isn’t dangerous!  And besides, the only people killed by the sea and the ones putting the bricks up!”

“And besides!  The bricks that you are using!  They make the fish sick.  The fish we eat.  They make people die!  FISHKILLERS!”  And the scientists say, “That’s a lie.  A lie some idiot on your side told.  That’s not true.  That was completely made up by some self-serving psychopath.”  And the wall-haters shout, “SHEEPLE!  You’re just a shill for the bricklayers!  And they don’t care about you!  They built their houses up in the hills where the water can’t get them anyway.  You’re so stupid!”

And so the brick-haters start kicking the wall.  And breaking off pieces.  And the wall starts to crumble.  And the government says, “Hey, look.  Leave the wall alone.  Just put in your damn bricks, and shut up.  That wall’s the only thing keeping the sea from sweeping in here and killing millions.”

And the idiot anti-wall folks say, “Well, you know what? I placed this brick.  And my daughter placed this brick. So I’m taking them out.  And you can’t tell me what to do with my bricks.”  And so they pull the bricks. And then the water starts to seep through.  Enough of the wall-hating selfish idiots pull out the bricks.  And then the wall breaks, and a torrent of water gushes out and it totally wrecks a house.  And the scientists say, “Do you see!  Do you see what you’ve done!  You’ve weakened the wall!”

And the brick haters say, “Whatever.  Wall strength is a lie.  If your wall was so strong, one or two bricks shouldn’t make it fall down.  And besides, it was your bricks and your faulty wall that fell down.  The water didn’t even damage the house really.  It was the bricks falling out of the wall that broke everything.  Those goddamn bricks!”

And then eventually, enough idiots pull bricks from the wall.  And the wall collapses.  And then millions of people die from the sea when they didn’t need to.  The brick-haters and the brick-builders.  Everyone dies.  When they try to put new, stronger bricks in the wall, it doesn’t work.  Because the sea is stronger, and has a faster current, and it’s more powerful than the old sea.  And so everyone dies.

So vaccinate your fucking kids, you stupid selfish brick pulling fucktards.


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