CBR #8 – Staggering Blindly Through The Wilderness, Lost All Ability to Feel

Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

How was this book?  I started to write the review only to realize halfway through I was writing about book 4.  So yeah.  Had to check online reviews to see what happened.  Forgot this one was about Baron Von Nippleslicer and his evil sister-wife.  Honestly, the Blood of the Fold is a group that hates all magic users.  And so Richard has to sweep through and basically kill them all as he decides the only way to save the world is to take complete control of it.

Again, this series is basically crying, Richard and Kahlan cooing at one another, Richard getting hella spitefully pissed at Kahlan nine times out of ten, or Kahlan being petty right back the one time.  I think this might be the one where Kahlan basically kills her way across the Midlands in revenge for seeing an entire town raped.  Once again, rape happens pretty much five times a book.  Women are abused or raped or raped or raped again.  (He likes rape.)

I’m going to power through the twelve books because I’m an idiot. But Jesus please us.  I can now understand Gamergate.  If they swallow this garbage, they believe that women should be whooped and slapped and raped.  Or that a woman can be raped and then saved and not show any scars for it.  The men get captured and usually killed.  Or if not, it’s fine.  But the women get raped, threatened with rape, and tied up naked.  Disconcerting to say the least.  But yeah, I’m only two books past this one and I can’t even tell you because it just blends together in one big petty convoluted mess.  It’s always, THERE’S NO WAY TO SAVE THE WORLD!  NONE!  Unless you find the rock.  BUT YOU’LL NEVER FIND THE ROCK!  NO ONE HAS FOUND THE ROCK IN THOUSANDS OF YEARS!  Found the rock.  Now that we’ve found the rock, we should take this opportunity to have a petty, spiteful relationship fight more appropriate to a highschool couple of two weeks.  Stop looking at Bobbie!  I’ll look at Bobbie if I want!  Is Bobbie a boy or girl in this argument?  Doesn’t matter!  Because I’ll use the rock to stop the plague and we’re in love and they cry at least every other chapter and fucking kill me.


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