CBR #23 – Time To Take Out The Mom, Garbage!

Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth by Simon R. Green

If this were a comic book series, this would be the end of the first arc. There are going to be spoilers, because you can’t talk about this book without explaining major story plots. So, caveat lector.  The whole story culminates in a giant battle as John Taylor’s mother, Lilith, has finally entered the Nightside to take over everything and how she can’t be stopped.  Again, the sort of truncated story is a bit of a cheat — ultimately this was about the two fold step of killing off the Authorities and by having Lilith sweep in to eliminate the entire Nightside.

Well, there are still six or seven more books coming through so you know the Nightside survives.  I mean, duh.  And the means by which they finally beat Lilith are pretty goddamn cheesy.  For shit’s sake, it’s one of those “ghost dad” endings that’s sappy and silly, and doesn’t even stick around long enough to garner a sentimental moment.  You know what’s going to happen. Lilith is banished.  The Authorities turn out to be a colossal disappointment, and they themselves get swept out to pasture as well.  The ultimate fearful force that oversees all of the Nightside are a bunch of rich old white men in a secret dimension.  They have no powers.  They have no abilities.  They don’t even put up a fight.  Again, knowing John Taylor and Henry Walker’s ultimate fate thanks to the Drood/Secret History books, it’s inevitable.  But man, this was feeling like Heroes: Season 3.  Just going through the motions.  Lilith busts everyone up, and then, through one deus ex machina, they quickly save the day and she’s gone.

However, what this does that’s interesting, is it opens up the entire series to new villains.  Up until now, John Taylor wanted to know who his mother was — Lilith — and that mother was a dangerous cloud over the whole Nightside.  And then, the Authorities have always been a monster in the shadows.  But they’re gone too.  Or are they?  They probably are.  But now, Taylor is free to explore the Nightside to fresh new dangers.  And that’s pretty intriguing.


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