CBR #32 – Elf Yourself

The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny by Simon R. Green

So more of the Nightside.  For what actually happens by the end of this story, this one was a huge disappointment.  Kind of colossal.  All this build up and the final blow was like a sad trombone fart.  The main story deals with elves in the Nightside.  An elf appears and asks John Taylor to run him to a dimensional gate at the far end of the Nightside to assist in the elven Peace Accords.  And Walker doesn’t want this to happen.  So a great deal of the story is Taylor, Ms. Fate — a male decked out as a female superhero, and the elf fighting their way across the boss level.  Taylor works his power to the brink, a lot of people explode and turn to blood sausage, and everyone almost dies, until they don’t.

What’s interesting is that this is when some of the Shadows Fall stuff gets mentioned.  Taylor is told to keep an eye out for Excalibur.  The elves of course deal with Titania and Oberon.  Who I thought were dead in Shadows Fall, but maybe not?  It’s so hard keeping track of what happens in this shit.  But anyway, the elf secretly turns out to be someone else.

Anyway, the next major part of the book deals with the three Oblivion brothers: Larry Oblivion, the dead detective who hates Taylor demands his help in tracking down Tommy Oblivion, who disappeared during the Lilith War.  Because their brother Hadleigh Oblivion is back.  Hadleigh has some kind of arcane superpowers because OF COURSE HE DOES and he used to be in Walker’s position before he snapped and became a dark sorcerer but not quite but maybe.  Anyway, that bullshit takes up the rest of the book.

And by the end, Walker keeps insisting that Taylor take over his job because he’s the only man for the job, but Taylor won’t do it.  So they battle to the death, and Walker is killed. And Taylor goes home and finds that someone mailed him Excalibur.  And that’s literally how the book ends.  The Walker fight should take twenty pages.  But it doesn’t.  It’s a whimper, not a kablammo, and it just feels lame.  Like something that got checkmarked.  So that’s where we are at the end of book ten.


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