CBR #33 – The Knights Who Say Ni…ghtside

A Hard Day’s Knight by Simon R. Green 

The pseudo-penultimate book in the Nightside series.  It’s a bit more focused as a story — John Taylor has been gifted Excalibur and even though he’s not worthy, he has to stop the two factions of the Elves from destroying the world at war.  Part of that involves the London Knights, which is an Arthurian sect on the same scope as the Droods and the Carnacki Institute but not so much so that they’ll be given their own series (yet.).  Taylor has to track down King Arthur, and restore unto him the sword.

Green’s leaning a little more heavily into his other series by the end of the Nightside.  It’s sort of a desperation crossover, kind of like if actors on a long running series started wearing T-shirts for the shows their going to be on after the series ends this season.

Truth be told, I almost gave this one a 3 star rating.  It just feels like Green is writing the same book.  In every series.  But they’re mildly entertaining.  I still think Nightside is a lesser cousin to his Droods and Deathstalker series.  And the Arthurian stuff is a bit wearing.  Green’s really swift about drawing from other forms of literature without outright stealing, and everything always going to have his dry smartass wit.  Of course everything is saved in the end, Taylor starts adapting to the realization that he’s probably going to have to become the new Walker, and then he decides he’s gonna have to marry good ol’ Suzie Shooter.


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