CBR #34 – It’s A Nice Day for a Blood Letting

The Bride Wore Black Leather by Simon R. Green

Well, here we are.  The end of the Nightside series.  Sort of.  There’s still a collection of short stories called Tales of the Nightside that I’m currently churning through.  But thusly ends the larger series.

Of course, as everyone preps for the wedding, John Taylor has to take just ONE. MORE. CASE.  It involves the immortals of the Nightside. And then, suddenly, it involves the Immortals of the Drood books.  In fact, a major plotline of this opening case involves one of the plots of the Drood books.  He’s sort of winked at the Drood series before, but this feels like the first time he’s actually directly pointed to a story.  I think he’s as exhausted with the exploits of Taylor et al as we are.

Anyway, Taylor solves this case with a little help from the usual suspects: Dead Boy, Razor Eddie, Hadleigh Oblivion.  And poor Lady Orlando, who gets sucked into yet another red herring.

Then, Taylor, with Julian Advent at his side, must solve yet ANOTHER mystery, as the new Walker.  A mysterious figure from Julian’s past, The Sun King, wants to come to the Nightside and bring the sun to end the darkness and purify everything.  Another fucking dude who wants to clean up the Nightside.  Remember when Superman brought in the Sun Guy as the bad guy?  This is just as fucking bad.  Oh god it’s awful.  Except he’s a hippie.  For real real.

This was actually going to get a three star right up until the last few chapters.  It was an unsatisfying ending, both to the story and the series.  It seemed to be going in a really absolutely fascinating direction, and then it just kind of fizzled.  And I almost gave it a one star.  But the series has ended.  All that’s left is the short story collection.  As a completionist, there are still three more series I have to read of the Simon Green omni-ouevre: The Hawk & Fisher stories, the Forest Kingdom books, and the Ghostfinders.  Onwards and upwards!


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