CBR #46 – Shaken And Stirred

The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross

This one got pretty entertaining.  Bob Howard is summoned to complete a mission in the Caribbean.  A billionaire has decided to use old oil derrick platforms to draw up one of the Elder Gods from the bottom of the ocean.  And Howard is the only one who can stop him.  You see, the billionaire put a geas on the mission that someone has to come who is a lowly pencil pusher who will then be forced to act like James Bond.

It’s actually deviously brilliant.  It totally subborns James Bond and Fleming’s misogynist background and treatment while also staying true to it.  Stross has kind of being pedestal smashing with his whole series.  Mocking Lovecraft while using his mythos, mocking spy novels while writing one, doing pop-hard-sci-fi.

Bob is linked up with Ramona Random who works for the Americans and the Black Chamber and who just happens to be a demonic succubus.  Well, actually she’s a little more than that.

Stross is building a great base for his series, and this is what I meant by him having an opportunity to spread out his wings and really have fun with the series.  The bureaucracy is still there — but not as overbearing.  He still overwrites a bit, and he gets jammed up a bit in his own prose, but it’s still such an enjoyable series.  It reminds me a lot of Green’s works, but Stross is so much more masterful.  Just an all around more deft writer.  And so it’s easy to enjoy the hell out of the series.  I’m still bogged on the hard-sci-fi aspect and the mathmagic. But if it sound intriguing, get the hell on it. You’ll love it.


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