CBR #56 – Love Conquers All, Except Corporate Oligarchies and Fascist Militaristic Dictatorships

Prodigy by Marie Lu

So we move onwards in the story of June and Day.  The teen dystopia jumps back and forth between the two leads, which is distracting and ineffective.  The only other time I saw this was in Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, which did for Egyptian myths what Percy Jackson did for Greek.  Except you know, unsuccessfully.  While Percy Jackson became two five book series, Kane only went three books.  Not because the Egyptian myths weren’t interesting, but because the narrators were fucking HORRIBLE.  It was mostly Sadie, who managed to be the most insufferable voice I’ve ever listened to.  And her brother was no charmer either.  Same here with June and Day.  June’s pretty much a puddle every time she even thinks of the word Day and Day spends his time between mooning over June and moaning that his brother Eden is a pawn of the government.

Side note:  Ugh, the character names.  It’s one of those worlds — happens in Sword of Truth as a matter of fact — where the characters alternate between irrational names and rational ones.  It’s like Junebug and Day, then you’ve got John, and their younger brother Eden.  There’s Razor, and also Baxter and Kaede.  Pacquo, but we’ve also go Anden.  Thomas, who loves June’s brother Metias.  It’s like someone tried to type up the dramatis personae of an Aeschylus play and just left in the autocorrects. Also, Day is described as part Mongolian (his real name is Daniel A. Wing) but he has long blonde hair.  Like anime long.  And yet, he’s some sort of super criminal who has never been caught.  Except when he was caught.

Well now, Day is a revolutionary hero.  The Republic is claiming that Day was executed, and so June and Day are on the run to the Patriots, the revolutionaries fighting against the Republic.  They end up in the Colonies, the other part of America on the other side of the wall.  Surprise!  It’s not a utopia.  It’s a corporate sponsored state where everyone works for one of four corporations and things like police help and food all must be purchased with company credits.  It’s squalorous too!

Also, the Patriots have set up an assassination attempt on Anden, the new Elector Primo.  They want Day to do it.  So they get June close to set everything up so Day can shoot Anden.  It’s all set up by Razor, the leader.  Only, surprise!  Something isn’t quite right, and so June kiboshes the entire thing and Day goes along and now everyone hates them.  The entire city of LA is under quarantine for a virus released by…I don’t want to explain this.

Lu spends most of this book taking up time she could be using to explore the mind boggling huge world she’s set up but has all the depth of a Minecraft construct. Instead, she sets up a love rhombus.  Day and June — total nutso for each other.  Only, June also might have feelings for the Elector, who is crushing on her like a CW show.  Also, Tess, Day’s sidekick and now patriot, has a huge crush on Day.  And she doesn’t like June.  So that’s happening.

It ends at another cliffhanger, one so monumentous I have no idea how in the piss Lu’s going to wrap this up in one book. . It’s a huge sprawling story.  Probably she’ll just cut corners so more love story can ooze out.


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