CBR #59 – You’re Like a Disease Without Any Cure

Champion by Marie Lu

Nope. Nice try, with your Hungry Play Novels.  But you made a fatal mistake.  You gave everyone a disease.  Seriously, in the last book, basically everyone gets sick.  Day has a brain tumor, which will probably kill him in a month.  His brother Eden was Patient Zero for a virus which is now infecting the colonies and causing them to attack the Republic.  June was sick in the last book, and this is having repercussions.  And Tess gets the plague and is probably going to die.  You can’t make everyone sick and expect it to work.  It’s like a motherfucking Victorian novel where everyone’s got fucking consumption.

Plus, John Green did A Fault in Our Stars.  Flawed or not, he’s pretty much written the book on melodramatic teen death romance.  Cancer trumps bioweapons.  Every. Fucking. Time.

There’s just too much story to fit in to the last book.  She sets up this epic battle that never comes about.  And since we’re only focused on Day and how angsty he wants to bang June, we just don’t have room for how it needs to play out. We get diversions, like how Antarctica’s society is set up like a video game where you earn experience points to achieve rank.  Again, that’d be cool, but we’re gone.  The entire battle between the Colonies and the Republic essentially comes down to June fighting Commander Jameson and Day almost dying while he’s dying.

And then the ultimate ending feels like a cop-out.  It’s bad, and then gets worse, jumping ahead ten years.  I’m sure when she wrote the last lines, she thought she was nailing it.  I’ve done that too.  And the audience rolled their eyes and vomited.  It just feels tacked on and lame and left me sour on the series.  Not as bad as I was with the last book in His Dark Materials.  But still.  It’s a definite meh.


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