CBR #76 – You Got Your Nightside In My Peanut Butter!

From a Drood to a Kill by Simon R. Green

Oh, so apparently there was a new Drood novel.  And there will be subsequent — at least as the end of this book promises.  At this point, I’ve got no idea what the hell series he’s starting.  I just discovered he apparently did some kind of horror-thriller series that I’m eager to get my teeth into.  Like I’ve said, the books are entertaining diversions.

This one though…it just was a jumble.  Cross-contamination is always the name of the game with Green, it’s his bread and fucking butter, but for some reason this one was just like a terrible cross-over episode between two shows that shouldn’t.  It would be like Game of Thrones appearing on The Big Bang Theory.  But not as like a con-event or something even remotely clever.  Like the nerds are called away from their rocket bullshit (is that what they do?  I’ve seriously never seen a fucking episode.) and end up having to perform surgery on one of Daenerys’s dragons.  Just ridiculous.

There’s SO MUCH NIGHTSIDE in this book.  And it feels even more of a pastiche of three or four short stories sausage cased into a single novel.  What happens in the book is also like, “Are you even trying anymore?”  It’s like A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O. burping up his eightieth Adam Sandler premise or me writing a review for a Book 8 in a long series.  It doesn’t even feel like effort is there.  There’s ghosts and an afterlife metaphor and then a whole Prisoner type thing going on.  And Eddie decides he doesn’t want to kill people anymore, which frankly is the best fucking part of the Drood books.  Wanton bloodletting.

However, there’s a bit of promise in what will presumably be Book 10 of the Drood series, Dr. DOA.  Because Dr. DOA has something to do with the Merlin Glass.  Or not.  Who the fuck knows?


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