CBR #83 – Hey Yeah-e-Yeah, Superman’s Dead

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson has really just stacked this series, and it’s so well constructed.  It’s hard to review this one without giving away so much of the greatness of the last book so if you are at all interested in reading The Reckoners, just know it’s good and skip this.


After David and The Reckoners have killed Steelheart, they are now trying to set Newcago straight.  The Reckoners don’t want to take over the city, they want the people to control themselves.  Of course, the other Epics can’t let this stand, so they start coming at Newcago, and the Reckoners have to murder them.  Wow is that well put together.  They realize the Epics have been coming from Babilar, which used to be New York City.  So David and Prof and Tia head out to regulate.

Babilar is basically a sunken Manhattan with Venice-like canals and the set design of Hackers or Hook.  Day glo spraypaint fills the wreckage as well as jungle-like plants with glowing fruit everywhere.  People are content to party or eat while Regailia, a water Epic, controls the city.

Again, Sanderson has layered the fuck out of the story, while we get to deal with David and Megan, aka Firefight, Prof’s burgeoning fight against his Epic powers, and we learn the secret of Calamity.  I have no idea if Sanderson is planning a trilogy, or a longer series, but I’m in.  I forgot to explain it in the other review, but the reason I’ve been giving these four stars is the quirks are a little too quirky still.  David’s poor metaphors.  Cody’s Scottish-Australian-Tennessean heritage and manner of speaking.  It’s a bit much.  Here its mostly the David and Megan relationship getting a little swoony.  But it’s not so off putting that you can enjoy the series.


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