CBR #90 – Arkham Divided By The Dark Knight Carry The Suicide Squad Equals Wonder Woman?

Supervillains Anonymous by Lexie Dunne

This book was confounding as a motherfucker.  Dunne capitalizes on the chaos of the cliffhanger ending of Superheroes Anonymous with the first quarter of this book and then she sells all of that out for some cheap rehashing and rekerjiggering, only to turn around and fix it all and then make it confusing again, and then slap on another almost as good cliffhanging jawdropper.  I get that Gail’s confused as a bastard in this whole whirligig, but that really should mean we’re snapping our necks trying to follow the plot twists.

Spoilers abound if you haven’t read the first book, so be forewarned.  There’s literally no way to discuss this without spoilerizing a bunch of the first book.

So Gail’s in jail after being set-up for killing Angelica, her mentor.  She’s confined to the supervillain facility which is…super nice.  Fed exquisitely, top notch gyms, it’s basically Arkham Spa and Resort.  Only the women have to work for the IRS tormenting people.  Oh, and many of the villains who have spent their lives kidnapping Gail are her new bunkmates.  Except her actual bunkmate, Rita, the world’s foremost and first supervillain.  This part reads like Orange is the New Black meets Every Martial Arts Movie Ever.  Rita takes it upon herself to train Gail so she doesn’t embarrass her.  This training takes the form of beating the fucking shit out of Gail with surprise attacks and generally making her life miserable.  Right up until she literally throws her out of the prison.

From there, things get even more fucking crazy.  Gail and her friends (who totally believe her) run on the lamb learning all these secret secrets.  Everyone gets popped like a pimple here with the double crosses and double dealings and secret agendas.  Crazy ex-girlfriends hellbent on revenge, a competing corporate entity, double agents, the truth about Mobium — it all gets laid out on the table.  Not in any semblance of order or with any sort of panache.  More like playing Frogger.

Dunne cut back on the Twilight levels of mooning, but she replaced it with Twilight levels of moping.  Gail spent much of book one moaning why me?  And she does it even harder in this one.  But it’s still enjoyable.  If you just sort of let this wash over you, you can dig it, and it sets up semi-intriguing potential for what’s coming in book three.  Which may or may not be the final entry?  Plus, I have no fucking idea what she can call it.  Superfriends Anonymous?


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