CBR #108 – Graphic & Novel

Indomitable & The Dark Wraith of Shannara by Terry Brooks

I decided to carry on with these two epilogues to the original Shannara trilogy.  I’ve been following the so-called Brooks canon of how to read the Shannara series.  Because there are prequels and sequels and whatnot and things bounce around.  So next after the first three books were these two.  So I combined them.

Indomitable is a solid follow-up to the events of Wishsong.  Kimber Boh finds Jair at the Shady Vale inn, and has him return to Hearthstone and her crazy grandpa Cogline.  Mwellrets have found a single page of the Ildatch that Brin failed to destroy, and are trying to use it to summon up dark magics.  It’d be DLC to the video game, and it’s an enjoyable length. (PHRASING). So Jair goes on another adventure, deep into the dungeons he once escaped, to find this lost page.  What’s fascinating is that Jair discovers he can summon Garet Jax and essentially become a killing machine.  And he does this — to finish off the leftover page of the Ildatch.  And then thus ends the adventure.

The Dark Wraith of Shannara is slightly different, in that it’s a graphic novel.  I didn’t know this when I added it to the kitty.  I didn’t realize, until I read other Cannonballers reviews, that graphic novels counted as readable material for the Cannonball.  I read at least 80 comics a year.  Which probably puts me over 200 books read a year. Only I never count the graphic novels in the mix.  No idea why.  But I’m counting this one.

Anyway, Dark Wraith illustrates in flashback the events of Indomitable.  So it’s like Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2. You only need to see the second movie.  It explains everything that happened in the first, and quicker and sharper.  So Dark Wraith does that.  And then, we find out through a vision, that Jair must now go find Kimber and Cogline, who have been kidnapped by Mwellrets and a witch to force the former Druid to bring back Paramore or whatever the fuck band that Druid compound was named after.  So Jair tracks down Slanter the Gnome, and they have another adventure together.  Jair uses his super seiyan powers to summon Garet Jax, only he shouldn’t do that, because it might kill him.  He saves the day again, gets Kimber to kiss him, and then we’re set up for whatever the fuck Brooks is doing next.  I think the Heritage of Shannara trilogy is the next in the reading cycle.  But I’m going to toss it back into the roulette wheel and see what series comes up next.  Besides, I’ve got six more books in my immediacy queue, plus three more coming on Tuesday.  So I’ve got reading to catch up on.  Life can’t all be old school fantasy.


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