CBR #112 – Hollywood Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Killing Pretty by Richard Kadrey

The Sandman Slim series is just so excellent and ludicrous.  A half-angel/half-demon who used to be a pit fighter in hell now acts as a pseudo-private eye in Los Angeles, while trying to save the world he kind of fucking hates.  It’s a cigarette smoking, black coffee, whiskey shooting motherfucker of a story, and I love it.  It’s up to the seventh book now, and it’s kind of gone into True Vault Hunter Mode.

The world has been saved from potential armageddon.  His long time girlfriend has been “killed” and is trying to deal with her new persona and face.  His video store is trying to make ends meet — so they start showing alternate versions of famous films, The David Lynch Return of the Jedi, the Steve McQueen version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Stark no longer has his magic powers of shadow slipping.  And yet most of the same shit is still in effect that he always has to deal with.

Oh, and Death is dead.  Kind of.

So Stark has to deal with solving the mystery of who tried to kill death all while trying to keep his own life afloat.  It’s actually kind of a hopeful story for Sandman Slim.  But if you’re into hardboiled detective stuff with a smoky flavor of hell, I cannot recommend this series enough.  I have no idea what Kadrey plans to do next, but he’s really awesome at setting up dominos that payoff way later in the series.


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