CBR #116 – If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

E-Squared by Pam Grout

When the missus tells me to read something, I read it.  I’ve made that promise to her, and I’ve kept it.  I’ve said, I will take this with a grain of salt, and I may not agree or cotton to everything, but if you think this is something that I could get benefit from, I will read it.  With almost all of the self-help spiritual type stuff, I always treat it as buffet.  I think all religion should be approached this way.  Take a little here and there and fill yourself up until you’re satisfied.  If you just went to a buffet, and only ate plate after plate of mashed potatoes, you’d be unsatisfied, and everyone around you would think you were an asshole and they’d be right to think that.  Especially if you explained the benefits of only eating potatoes and then proceeded to castigate anyone who dared to eat otherwise.  Fuck potatoes.

Anyway.  Pam Grout builds on the foundations of A Course in Miracles and The Law of Attraction and so on and so forth.  She kind of expects you’ve already parsed this ground.  So again, it’s all about intention and positive thinking and living in the now.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  The Secret dumbed down this approach and handled it stupidly.  But just because an idiot spouts something in a shitty way doesn’t necessarily make it untrue.  Yes, most people thought this meant you just wish your problems away.  Which is not quite the case.  Or that you have to ask crystals or aliens or life forces.  Which is not really true either.

Grout bases this off of the field of potentiality which is what she calls The Universe or God or whatever your name is.  She shortens it to The FP, which is extra hilarious to me, after watching the movie The FP.  Watch that movie.

Anyway, she purports nine actual experiments you can perform to represent the principles she puts forth.  Nothing’s particular new here. Except she expects you to own wire hangers and have time to grown potato plants. FUCK POTATOES.

I was about 50/50 on my experiments.  It didn’t take me 21 days to read the book, but to do the 48-72 hour waits between experiments.  Again, I already believe in positive intention and manifestation.  My missus proposes that I’m an epic manifestor when it comes down to it.  I don’t try, and draw things in.  I’m still working on that.  I’m not exactly a super positive person.  But I’m trying.

Grout’s kind of tapping into the marketplace like everyone else.  So if you’re into that kind of thing, I don’t think you’re going to suddenly believe more.  And I don’t think this is more easily digestible than Esther Hicks and Napoleon Hill.  Again, didn’t change my life, but didn’t ruin it either.


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