CBR #121 – On the Plus Side, My Negative Reaction Won’t Ruin Her Day

E-Cubed by Pam Grout

I’ve never had a book retroactively ruin the predecessor for me.  Well, maybe the last book in the His Dark Materials series.  Fucking still mad about that.

Again, Pam Grout bases all of her premises on a modicum of science.  How the world is all energy and vibrations and we can tap into that and so forth. Exactly. I buy into that. It makes sense.  The further you get into quantum mechanics the more it touches fingertips with religion.


She explains a few things in the new book.  She explains how E-Squared used to be called God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days.  And how she released it years prior in the wake of the success of The Secret.  And how no one cared about it.  So then she changed the title, and made it more science-y and now, viola!  She’s a success!  But she didn’t change the content of the book.  And now, on the heels of its success, she’s putting out a new book!  Which is essentially her filling stuff with blogs and stories of people succeeding on the first book’s principles and…it’s a goddamn marketing material.

It pissed me off. Again, you can root through your religious stuff and dig out what works for you.  But it was like when I heard that Abraham-Hicks was based on a life-force that was thousands of years old speaking through the wife. BOOOOOO.  But what was being communicated still felt good and made sense, so I bought into that part and kind of ignored the rest.

So does this change all the stuff that worked? No.  It reinforced what I felt was important from before.  It kind of rendered a few of the tasks horseshit again.  But really, I’m going to keep on doing what I do.  Focus, positive think.  I think the irony was I gave up on her in the chapter about judgement.


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