CBR #124 – Deus Ex Blasting Ya

The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan

That third and final book has been the crusher lately.  This wasn’t massively disappointing, not like some of the series I’ve been reading, but I did feel it was a bit lackluster.  There was just TOO DAMN MUCH for them to wrap up, and so they had to use gods.  And so everything got very overwhelming and things just kind of came to a crashing halt.  I mean, at times it felt like it was six different books rather than one massive adventure coming to a wrap.

I applaud McClellan for not being afraid of mauling or murdering his beloved characters.  He still pulls a few miraculous recoveries for folks.  But all the final showdowns are kind of bland.  Sure, there’s still so much gory pyrotechnics.  But this felt like there was too much story crammed into the last part of the trilogy.

We get a solid resolution, which is great.  And there’s happy endings and sad endings and some parts are just endings.  I really hope McClellan revisits this series with another trilogy.  There’s plenty of room and of the characters who survive, there’s still some villains out there to cause trouble and some more adventures to be had.  I feel like he will.  You don’t write six short accompanying stories to a trilogy if you aren’t doing more.  And there’s still quality meat on the bones here.

I still highly recommend this series to anyone who likes fantasy.  Especially since it’s so unique.  It’s the equivalent of the Temeraire series, which also bows out next year, sans dragons.  Bayonets and cannonballs and muskets make for some vicious warfare.


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