CBR #135 – Fuck You, Ghosts

Incidents in the Night, Book One by David B. and Ghosts and Ruins by Ben Catmull

Honestly, these books don’t belong together aside from being graphic novels (a stretch for the second one) and yet, I put them together mostly because Ghosts and Ruins is too short to include by itself.

Incidents in the Night is a bizarre comic about a man, named David, who discovers a mysterious newspaper in a Parisian bookshop.  It’s a pro-Napoleonic paper called Incidents in the Night, and David becomes obsessed with finding as many copies as he can.  He discovers the original author of the papers has turned himself into letters and is evading death by hiding in books.  If you think that’s weird, just fucking wait.  I really can’t explain more of this fucking loony-ball series except to say that it ends on a glorious cliffhanger that I will just have to await translation of.

Ghosts and Ruins kind of hearkens me back to the kind of creeped out horror shit I loved to read as a kid.  It’s more a picture book full of these weird drawings of haunted places and a bit of text about each on the accompanying page.  Each few pages, we get the tale of a bizarre haunted place that will kill you.  It’s told with that stolid sort of “You’re all going to die” gruesomeness that I loved in Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies and Shel Silverstein’s morbity and a soupcon of Roald Dahl.  It wasn’t but 50 pages, but I so desperately wanted to get word of it out there, that I posted it here.


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