CBR #138 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett

Finally, a Tiffany Aching that I quite liked.  It leaned heavily on the old witches.  Again, same principal as Unseen Academicals, it payed homage to the previous witch tales while selling us on the old.  It made everyone in the background around Tiffany infinitely more interesting.  And it was a children’s story that wasn’t afraid to murder a few people.

It really was a very strongly plotted story, Wintersmith but with an actual point.  This is the penultimate Tiffany Aching story, thought I think this might have been a great one to bow out on.  The Discworld ends with Aching, and having read this, I’m a little more okay with that.

It’s a great story on the tyranny of community and the responsibility of everyone in a community.  It ponders on what it means to be a witch, to be a kelda, to be the Big Man, to be a Feagle, marriage, all sorts of deep issues.  I didn’t LOVE the final showdown, but I liked how it was handled.

I’m not crazy about giving Tiffany an alternate love interest, but I guess Pratchett knows what he was doing. Again, we creep closer to the end of Discworld, and it feels like Pratchett is giving all his characters a chance to have their final bows as they approach the last scene.  And that’s nice.  I guess Sir Terry saw death on the horizon, and so he sort of put a bow on everything.


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