CBR #144 – Goblinlivesmatter

Snuff by Terry Pratchett

Again, big fan of the Vimes stuff.  But now as I read these latest books, I really am becoming depressed that this is it.  Pratchett must have known the end was near, but he was going to get it done.  Because this doesn’t feel like a final City Watch novel, this just reminds us of what would be if there were more.

Pratchett seemed very political minded with his later novels, making bold statements for the rights of the underclasses.  I’m not making fun of the blacklivesmatter movement.  Pratchett was making a commentary on how we treat those beneath us, and how the upper classes are particularly prudent on their trickledown, pissing on those beneath them.  Goblins are abused, treated as if they are animals, as if they are chattle, and it’s up to Vimes to deal with it.  Even though it’s not up to Vimes.  More often than not, especially in this novel, he arrests people and lets the law catch up with the crime. In a world where Donald Trump is literally referring to immigrants as animals who need to be deported because they’re rapists and scum, I wonder if daylight saving time actually turned us back to 1815 and not 2015. #hashtag

It’s a steady story, that gets a bit tangled in its own rhetoric, but it’s a solid story.  We get nice bits from the other City Watch officers, and we get a nice dose of Vimes uncomfortable in his upper crustery.  But it does make me desperately sad that that’s it.  Vimes might pop up in Raising Steam — it’s the last Moist von Lipwig story, and we’ve gotten City Watch overlap before — but that’s all gonna be all she wrote.  And somewhere in the Well of Lost Plots exists the future of Discworld.  Via con Offler, Sam.


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