CBR #146 – I’m Starting With The Man in the Mirror

Boogeymany: The First Boogeymen Collection by Brian J. Prisco

Reviewing my own book?  Now that’s some delicious hubris.

I wonder if I’m the first Cannonballer to complete a Cannonball AND write a novel in the same year?  Though Boogeymany is hardly a novel.  It’s the collection containing the first three of my proposed thirteen splatterpunk novelettes.  I’m trying to do one every October.  The third one in the collection narrowly made it.  And so I combined the first three in one book so I could print it.  I’m going to do that every three.  Also because not everyone has e-readers and cares to purchase digital books.  BUT THEY ARE SO EASY TO PUBLISH!

Anyway, the first Boogeymen appeared in a condensed version on Pajiba, back when I wrote for them.  It was a four part story based on my outrage over Boogeyman: The Killer Collection.  I wanted a no-holds barred, fight to the death between thirteen of the greatest slashers of all time.  And so I wrote that.  And it was fun.  Even when people trashed it, I still felt good about it.

So when I was working on Twenty-Sided Die (which you can also buy!) I wanted to create a pilotfish to test out how the e-book pubbing worked.  And it was surprisingly easy.  So I puffed up Boogeymen and published it.  And now it’s a crazy, copyright violating mash-up of tons of horror movies.  I went off the fucking rails.  It’s way more satirical and silly, a Movie Movie with an actual point.  Even if that point is buried under lots and lots of cheesy humor and pop culture references.  I’m proud of how it turned out.

Boogeymen 2: Creature Feature came out of my desire to do more with Boogeymen.  I didn’t want to do a direct sequel, otherwise it’d just be constant royal rumble.  So that’s when I fell upon my idea of homaging horror movies and mashing them up that way.  Truth be told, it’s probably the weakest of the three, but it’s also my darling, because much like the movie it borrows the main plot from — Cabin In The Woods — it can be SO MUCH.  I honestly could have made the choose-your-own-dismember wandering videotape a running gag and done hundreds of films that way.  I also learned a valuable lesson.  Don’t name your characters after people.  Especially if they turn out to be despicable rapists.  Still, everyone died pretty awesome.

Boogeymen 3: Mischief Night was when I decided this motherfucker was going to go on forever.  I started cranking out other plots for future installments.  That’s been a lot of fun.  I have thirteen actually synopses for the future books.  I tried to follow the law of sequels with my stories.  Even if one of those synopses is literally “GHOST STUFF:  I dunno. Dumb shit about children and haunted houses maybe.  This is twelfth one.”  Actually, it was originally going to be a daycare for scary children.  But then Buzzfeed.  Thanks a pantload, you fuckers.

Anyway, the third story, the newest one, parodies Halloween 3: Season of the Witch.  It’s sort of a mashup of The Lottery and that episode of Buffy where they become their costumes.  I’m actually most proud of how this turned out because other than the loose homage, this story is all me.  The Boogeymen novelettes are slowly becoming my own original work, and they are fun and bloody little distractions.  And if you ever wondered what splatterpunk means, THIS.  THIS BOOK.  It’s pretty fucking disgusting, if I say so myself.  The horror pretty much focuses entirely on slasher and gore stuff.  So it’s more actiony than horrifying.

Anyway, the digital copy is out now, and the paperback will be available soonish.  It’s a fun little crazy ass distraction, with lots of blood and guts.  And if you’re a horror movie fan, you’ll definitely enjoy the hell out of them.  They’re delightfully mad, if not perfect.  The character development leaves a little something to be desired.  And my writing style has become decidedly a cross between frantic blogger and frustrated screenwriter.  So it’s Kevin Smith meets that fucking guy in Starbucks on his laptop who keeps looking around to make sure people know he’s writing.


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