CBR #151 – I Hear That Train A-Coming

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

Wowser.  This one was less complicated than previous tales, but really brought everyone in for a ride. It’s about progress.  A funny little fellow essentially events the steam engine and so the railroad is a coming for Ankh-Moorpork.  And then a radical offshoot of dwarves is trying to take over and keep dwarves dwarvish.  So they start a terrorist campaign.  Couple this with the goblins ascendant and the wizards basically bowing out, and it’s a really great finale to the Moist Von Lipwig trilogy.

It’s also brutally sad that this is the penultimate novel.  I’ve already started into the last book, which has already thoroughly gutted me, and so I know that this is pretty much it.  That’s all we get of Ankh-Moorpork.  Tiffany Aching will lead us away to the curtain, and I can already tell Sir Terry was planning on sewing a bunch of loose threads and bowing out beautifully.

The most hopeful note, is that Rhi Pratchett has been working on creating The Watch, a procedural based on the City Watch books, which means based on everything.  We could get old tales, new tales, who knows?  But if we have to lose the written works, at least we get some cinematic hope.  I truly hope The Watch is wonderful, and that it becomes its own legacy.  Until then, I have but these last few pages to bid adieu to Discworld.  It’s turtles, all the way down.  What may Discworld have become?  We’ll never know.  But at least we got to enjoy it while it was here.


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