CBR #152 – You’re Nothing But A Lot of Talk and a Badge

The Crossing by Michael Connelly

Dude. If Connelly decided to just end right now, to call it quits on Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller, this was a motherfucking hell of a mic drop.  It’s another combo Haller/Bosch novel, the sixth for the Lincoln Lawyer and the eighteenth for Bosch, and it would seriously perfectly end the series.  For a moment, Bosch looks down the barrel of a gun and I thought, he’s going to do it. He’s going to fucking murder Bosch right here. Or he’s going to put him in a fucking coma.  Or a wheelchair.  Or his daughter is going to take over.  Or ANYTHING.  Because that’s how brilliant Connelly has been with his detective.  Bosch is constantly evolving and shifting.  And that, coupled with Connelly’s amazing noirish LA, makes for some fucking fantastic reads.

The last book ended with Bosch forced into retirement.  He’s suing the department, and his half brother Mickey is working as his attorney.  Mickey brings Harry in to act as his investigator after Haller’s usual bikerriffic investigator gets taken down in “an accident.”  Harry is reluctant to cross the line, going from solving crimes to put criminals away to solving crimes to set criminals free.  It’s going to earn him enemies in a department that already doesn’t like him.  That’s the titular crossing.  Once again, Connelly changing the game on Bosch.  Sometimes I just sit back and think about the fucking journey Bosch has taken, the lovers, the family, the partners, being a cop, being a cold case cop, being a private investigator.  It’s so massive in scope. I cannot recommend this series enough, especially if you have ever been to or you live in LA.  I picked it up when I first moved to LA, and it was awesome.  Bosch grows as the city does.  And Connelly keeps tying in real events in LA’s past.

As I said, if Connelly wanted to peace out at this point, and with the equally excellent series on Amazon gaining steam, perhaps he will, this would be a hell of a bow.  But I hope he keeps it up.  And I look forward to next year’s book.


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